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1980. One-man show at the Rowan Gallery (London).

Group shows 'Richard Kidd / Micheal Brick' show at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Art Gallery (Newcastle), 'Richard Kidd / Bruce Russel' at the Midland Group Gallery (Nottingham), and 'Growing up With Art'  at the Whitechapel Gallery (London).

Awarded the Harkness Fellowship and moved to San Francisco to live and hold a studio for a year.

Visiting Lecturer at San Fransisco Art Institute and Univerisity of California (Berkeley).


1981-87. Moved to New York City and held a studio there on an extended Harkness Fellowship.

Taught at Philidelphia College of Art.

1981. Group show of 'Gallery Artists' at the Rowan Gallery (London)

1983. One-man exhibitions at Armond Bartos (New York), Alexander Milliken (New York), Juda Rowan Gallery (London), and the Mayor Rowan Gallery (London).

Group exhibitions 'British Artists in New York' at the Newhouse Gallery (New York) and 'Newcastle Salutes New York' at Newcastle Polytechnic Art Gallery.

1984-86. 'New Works on Paper', British Council exhibition touring Poland, Australia and New Zealand.

1987. Returned to the UK.

Part of the 'Summer Exhibition' at the Mayor Rowan Gallery (London).


1988. Settled in Warwickshire and married Lindsey Cooper.

Part of 'Works on Paper' at the Mayor Rowan Gallery (London).

Richard climbing Half Dome in Yosemite c.1980


One-man show 'Richard Kidd:Work Done in New York 1982-83' at the Juda Rowan Gallery, London, 1983.

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